How to do a live stream with a laptop and a DSLR camera on Mac OS

Live Stream with DSLR

In this article we will learn how to do an online stream with a Mac OS laptop and a DSLR camera, using the free OBS software (to show some slides during the live presentation). 

Go to Youtube/Video Manager: Live streaming on left menu to start streaming (copy secret key from Youtube to OBS). Of course  you can stream with your DSLR to Facebook/Twitch/Twitter, etc.as well. But in this article we focus on Youtube.

Before we can stream live we are going to need to download the following applications.

1. Canon EOS Utility: Download

2. Camera Live: Download

3. Cam Twist: Download

4. OBS: Download

Camera Live only works with Canon cameras, Sorry Nikon people.
Now that you have all of those applications installed you will need to configure them.

Configure EOS utility
It’s annoying to have to close the EOS utility every time that you turn on the camera. The fastest way to disable this is to go to your navbar and select: Do Not Launch EOS utility just yet.

Configure Cam Twist
Open the application and go to the navbar and select: Preferences
Set up the frame rate to 30FP
The video size to custom
with the following aspect ratio 1920 x 1080
Close the window.

You can do this with CMD+Q

That’s it for the one-time setup.

Startup procedure

This is a procedure that you MUST go through every single time that you want to use the DSLR camera as a webcam.

  1. Quit all browsers if you are wanting to use the camera with a web application
  2. Quit the three required apps if they are running EOS utility, Camera Live, or Cam Twist.
  3. Start the applications in this order

A/ Startup Camera Live

B/ Turn on DSLR (Camera Live needs to say ‘active’)

C/ Startup Cam Twist (Click on view and main window) Select Syphon double click and select camera live.

D/ Start OBS app to stream to Youtube/Facebook, etc
Make sure in OBS’s settings you have set the private stream key from Youtube

E/ Go to the stream settings of the platform you wish to stream to (Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, etc) and start the live stream

You can also check out our other article about streaming for free to Youtube via mobile or MAC/PC using Streamlabs.