How to do a retiming in Final Cut Pro X

In this article we will see how to do a quick retiming in Final Cut Pro X.

It can not be easier than that. Open FInal Cut Pro X and you just have to click on CMD + R and you will see a thing orange bar on top of the clip. Drag this line (grabbing it either on the left or the right side) to the left to speed up your clip or to the right to slow it down.

Basically that’s it. Can not be easier than this. Just move those color bars to the left or right to speed up/slow down parts of the clips. So this is another operation: instead of speeding up or down the clip you resize the clip, so you change the length of it.

You will see the cursor changes, either to the speed ramp cursor or the changing of the duration cursor. For the latter you must drag the clip on the side whjile for the former at the heading part.

That was the quick way to modify the clip. You can also reach this – and additional funtions- if you go to the Modify/Retime menu, or the Time icon just above the Timeline. Here you can speed up or slow down the clip by one click and also reverse it or make a speedramp (it is when a clip has different speeds in different part)

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