How to download music or video from Youtube

It is not easy to download from Yotube

I have been editing videos for almost 20 years now. It has been always difficult to find good music or video footages for my work, for example for a wedding or for a company video.
One thing is that you have to pay for good quality stock footages and music.
Of course, there are cheap or even free solutions, but they are useless. Lets’ admit that.
Secondly, it was difficult to find any alternatives to get music or video for my projects that I could use in my projects without any copyright issues.

And then about 10 years ago Youtube has arrived…and changed the landscape of digital media forever.
Firstly, all the content was published by the people who made their own music or recorded their own footages.
Secondly, they let people use there stuff just by asking them to mention their name in the credit of their production. So if its like a wedding video, just have to mention the source for the music. The composer or the producer. Then its free to use.

Later -I think a couple of years ago-, Youtube even introduced a music service for videographers, where they can download music for free (made by amateur musicians) to use in their productions. This can be found via the menu: Youtube Studio, then see Audio Library on the left hand side.

Another positive feature is the intruduction of the Creative Common Licence. Basically, meaning you can re-use the clip in your work. (Although, honestly, I don’t know how Youtube thinks we can re-use it when we can not even download it :-)

Use Creative Common licence to re-use any clips on Youtube

Its all good but I can not download Youtube clips.

That was good, Youtube coming around and offering all sort of clips to watch and the free downloadable music we just mentioned (although we are not talking about the quality of that here).
The problem was (and still is) that you can not download clips from Youtube, there is just simply no such option: “Download this clip“.

Yes, we can download after all.

Through the years I tried several softwares to download from Youtube. I don’t really know how they work, how they can rip and convert the clip from Youtube but some of them do…Some of them never did. And lots of them disappeared or after a while simply stopped functioning.
After trying out like 20 different softwares I have been introduced by a friend to 4K Video Downloader. Ok, let’s give it a try I thought, and I have been using it ever since.

4K Video Downloader – the solution to the problem

A great and simple software, with very friendly interface doing what it was made to be doing; Downloading music or video from Youtube.
It works great without any problem and it can create different formats from the Youtube clip.

All you need to do is go to Youtube with your browser and find the clip you want tyo download (check first that it has a Creative Common licence). Then copy the address (CTRL+C), after that you can even close the browser.

In 4K Video Downloader click on the first Paste Link icon and it will automatically detect the clip that you have just copied to the memory of your computer.

It will show you a window, asking what format you want the clip to be downloaded (and converted to): this can be a video file (MP4 or MKV) or music (MP3, MA4 or OGG format)

Downloading video in different formats
Downloading audio in different formats

And that’s it! Copy the link from Youtube and Paste into 4K Video Downloader. Can not be easier then that.

Oh, did I mention, that 4K Video Downloader is free? Go to their website and try it for yourself.

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