How to find the Pantone colors in Adobe Illustrator

Find the Pantone books in Illustrator

It is sometimes difficult, specially for beginners to find the Pantone colors in Adobe Illustrator if they must work with Pantone colors. So where is it?

Well, it is there, a bit hidden, deep in the menu structure of Adobe Illustrator.

To find it easily go to Window menu and open up the Swatches palette.
Here click on the menu icon on the top right corner of the palette and look for Open Swatch Library.

Pantone colors in Adobe Illustrator

There you will see the Pantone books under the Color Books menu. There are a bunch of them listed there: Coated, Uncoated, Metalic, Pastel colors and so on.

If you don’t know which color books to use please refer to the Pantone color guides on or if you are working for a client simple ask them the Pantone colors of their logo for example.
When you have the Pantone colors all you need to do is select the object on your artboard and give it the right Pantone color (of course you must open the appropriate Pantone color book from the menu)

You can also create a new swatch with the Pantone colors you are going to use for the project. Simply drag and drop the color from the Pantone palette to the Swatch palette.

Pantone book

When you export your artwork pay attention to indicate the Pantone colors you were using to the printing company, so they will use the same colors in the printing process.

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