How to live stream outside with no wifi

Live stream with no wifi

Let’s say you want to live stream a a sport event for your school, or a wedding or some other outdoor activity somewhere in the middle of nowhere, a forest or on a beach. How do you do that if there is no wifi around? Is that possible at all? The answer is: Yes. You can stream without an internet connection and we will show you how.

Stream without internet

Since there is no internet connection, that is, there are no modems or routers in your neighbourhood, that would be very hard to connect to the net and do any kind of online activity. Including live streaming. Still, it is possible and it is not even difficult to do. With today’s technology it is actually easy to reaach the internet just by using our phone. All we need is good reception, that is, a good signal from the telephone provider.
And here comes the trick. You can use your phone to stream without any extra devices, or if you want to use more camera for the streaming just set it as an access point and connect to it. Your phone will provide the internet connection, it will act as a router and modem at once. But we want to talk about the more advanced option, to make it a bit more porfessional.
(Also since Youtube limited live streaming with phones sometimes it is not an option.)

Live streaming with 2 cameras and a laptop without wifi.

There are small and cheap devices, called pocket routers, that are available and what they do is they provide internet connection up to 5 or even 10 devices in a range of about 20 meter. How they do this is they convert the telephone signal to network signal, so they will use the telephone line (the speed of 4G and soon 5G) to do that.

There are a bunch of different models out there, we used TP-Link’s device, since we like that brand.
It is small, I mean really small, like 5 cm, it can easily fit in your palm. All you need is to put a pre-pay telephone card in it that has few GB available, charge it up and you good to go.

It is, of course configurable by going to the address of tplinkmifi.net. Here you can change the password and all other things you want – which is basically not much, so its preatty easy to set up.

TP-Link also have an app where you can control the device. Get it from here for Android or here for iOS.

The upload speed show here alost 6 Mbps but there were cases when we had 50 Mbps, that is more than enough for a live stream to Youtube, Twitch or Facebook. You can even stream in 4K.

The only think you must pay attention to is that you can not go very far from the device, max 20 meter (safe distance really is about 10 meter) and if you are using a phone as a second camera it is best when you face towards the device during streaming and not turn your back to it. You can use this cool app (Droidcam) to use your phone to stream wirelessly to your OBS.  But, we must say this: we dont recommend using wireless streaming with this setup as you will experience frame droppings, we tried, we failed, it just didnt work smoothly, there were frame-drops whatever we did. Might be the app or the use of Macbook (PC is better for streaming). Who knows? So the best is just to plug in two cameras to your laptop using HDMI cables, that will provide a more stabil connection for the stream and just use the free OBS to stream and to switch between the two cameras.

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