How to make a Whatsapp emoji from your photo

Let’s see how to make a Whatsapp emoji from your photo. Isn’t that great that you can send you friend your own photo as an emoji? It is easier to make it then you think. Let’s see know how to do that.

Let’s make a Whatsapp emoji

First thing first. You need a good photo of yourself (or somebody else’s), if possible one where the background is well separated from the foreground, this way we can easily remove it.

So just open the photo in your favourite image editing program (which is probably Photoshop) and with the lasso tool cut around the head, just under the chin.

Then put it in a new layer, together with a hand (only if you want) and some text (only if you want too)
You are almost done…

Export it out as a PNG

That is very important. The image MUST be a png file. This format, similar to GIF, can handle transparent backgrounds, and that is what we will need.
From Photoshop’s Export menu choose Quick Export as PNG.

Head over to your phone to continue

The next step is on your phone. Actually before that you must send over this PNG to you phone (for example if you have iOS, then choose Airdrop and just send it over to your Mac, if you have a PC then send it to yourself in email, for example).

Once the image is on your phone go to the free app, called Sticker Maker, this can create the emoji for you. You can download the app from the website of the maker’s of the app.

Create a sticker pack

Inside the app, at the very bottom of the screen choose ‘Create a new sticker pack’ and fill out the form (pack name and author), this can be anything really.

Click on the pack you just created then click again on the first icon. This will be the smallest icon Whatsapp will use as a tray icon, the size of this must be 96×96 pixel, so basically a square image.
Of course if you didn’t know that go back to Photoshop and make the PNG that big. And while you are there make the other PNG’s 512×512 pixels big because the other images (these will be the emojis) must be in this particular size.

Then you just need to add as many images as you want in your pack (actually the maximum is 30)
But it needs at least 3 images in one pack, otherwise you can not add it to Whatsapp. So create one tray icon and minimum 3 emojis.

Dont forget to click on the first icon, ‘Select all’, which will remove the background for you. (Actually it was already removed in Photoshop but you need to click on it anyway)

Your Whatsapp emoji is almost done

The last step is to click on the green button, ‘Add to Whatsapp’ (and actually click on the next one as well that says Save) and you are done. The emojis got imported into your Whatsapp. (Not sure if we have to mention this, seems obvious, Whatsapp must be installed on your phone)

Where do you find your emoji?

You can find your newly created emoji-set if you click on the following icon (on iOS)

Then click on this one.

And once you click on one of your emoji it will be sent to your contact, who you are in chat at the moment.

(People can save you emoji if they want and use it in their own Whatsapp. On iOS you must click on one emoji for a few seconds then choose: ‘View pack’.

On Android you must click on the emoji twice and choose ‘Add to favourite’s, then you will find the emoji under the star icon.