How to make a Youtube thumbnail

If you want people to click on your video, you must make a nice thumbnail for it.

Why? When you upload your clip Youtube will create three random thumbnails for you to use, but they are not designed, just frames out of your video. Never a good idea to use those.

Instead you must create your own thumbnail that looks neat and also informative. Sexy, so people wants to click on it when they see it.

If you have a little knowledge of Photoshop or any orher graphical programs, you are good to go. If not you can check out our Photoshop section to learn a little bit about the software.

If you are not a graphic wizard just use Canva. This is a website where you can easily create your own customised thumbnail. Not only for Youtube but for other platforms as well.

So just go there, register a free account and choose Youtube thumbnail after you have selected Social Media as a category. (If you don’t find the Youtube thumbnails just type it in in the Search field.)

You will see a bunch of designs lining up there. Look for Youtube thumbnails, type that in the search if you don’t find them. You will get the results: lots of designs with the correct dimensions 1080×720 pixels.

Select one image you like and you will enter the detail window, where you can modify the template.

Just edit the text or choose another image from the right side menu.

Basically that is it to it. Easy peasy.

Don’t forget to download the image when you are done by clicking on the DOWNLOAD button on the top right corner.

Then once it is on your harddrive you only need to upload to Youtube as a thumbnail.