How To Make Money Online

Do you want to know how to make money online? What are the best ways to quickly earn some cash? There are a lot of ways to do that. Let’s see the most effective ones.

Earn money on the Internet

It is now the right time to jump into online marketing. People are earning money all over the net, by offering products, services or their own work. Affiliate marketing, sales funnels and dropshipping are also booming. What do these terms mean? Well, affiliate marketing is a way that you promote other people’s product. This you can do by setting up a website and try convincing people to buy something or posting on social networks, trying to do the same there. If they buy it, you get a commission. It is basically that simple.

Sale Funnel

One way to sell a product effectively is to use a sales funnel. These are basically websites that offer you a solution to a problem and sell that to you. They collect your email address on the way so they can send you marketing emails the next time with a similar offer.


Dropshipping basically means that you setup a website where people buy products from you. However the products you don’t have, instead when you receive an order you buy that product and let the shop send it to your buyer, with a profit of course.

Affiliate marketing

This is basically a marketing strategy where you sell someone else’s product or services in return for a commission. Nowadays these commissions are quite serious percentages, sometimes 60 or even 70% you get after a sale. The good thing about it is if you sell a subscription based service, for example a software licence where people pay monthly for the usage. You get also a monthly commission after this.

Let’s see what are the trends in 2019 and 2020. Where people make the most money online?


On Fiverr you can register for a free account and sell your services. It can be webdesign, graphic design, programming or something else you are good at. You can set your prices, upload some portfolio work and ready to accept orders.
If you are a beginner it is wise to start with lower prices, build up your reputation, have some positive feedbacks, then slowly raise the prices as more work will come in.
Website: fiverr.com


The website is similar to Fiverr. You can sell your services as a designer or programmer. Here too, it is important that you have a good reputation, feedbacks from your previous clients. You will get jobs easier. You can also take some tests, for example Photoshop or web design, which result will show on your profile page.
Website: freelancer.com


This is one website builder service. One of the best. Quite expensive but if you do the marketing right it is worth the money. Basically you build a website funnel, where you take through your visitors to show the product or service and finally let them buy it. There is a 14-day trial periode where you can try out the application.
Website: clickfunnels.com

Clickfunnels alternative

Because the marketing funnel is a very effective way of sell something and because Clickfunnels is expensive, there are a few alternatives where you can build your funnel cheaper.
One of the most popular alternative is a combination of WordPress with a  few plugins, like Elementor and CartFlows. Although WordPress is a free content management system, some plugins that you need to use for the funnel are not. Elementor is free (you only have to pay for the Pro version) but CartFlow is not (costs 299$ / year). However with the combination of the three you will be able to build a sales funnel much cheaper than Clickfunnels.
For collecting emails (which is part of the funnel, you can use services like Getresponse or Aweber). There are also other ways to build a website and salesfunnel for free by using Weebly or Wix.
Websites: cartflows.com, weebly.com, wix.com, wordpress.org, elementor.com, getresponse.com, aweber.com


Of course you can earn money. One of the easiest way in 2019 and probably in 2020 to earn money online is to have a Youtube channel. There you just post videos and Youtube will place ads on your clips. In return you will be compensated.
It all sounds good but the fact is that first your channel needs at least 1000 subscribers and at least 4000 watch minutes. When you reach this, ads will come and you will earn.
How much you earn is really depends of how many people will watch your videos.
Website: youtube.com


One of the most effective way te earn money is to use Google’s ad service: Adsense. You have to register first, which is free, then you upload a small html script on your website and Google will start displaying ads on your pages. In return you earn money. Similar to Youtube, the more people are reading your blog, the more money you earn.
Website: google.com/adsense


Clickbank is an affiliate marketing  website where you will find a bunch of products and services. The list all different niches (categories) and all you need to do is selct one you like and advertise it wherever you want (on your site or on social networks or on comments on Reddit or Quora)
When you click on Marketplace on the top menu, you will see all the categories on the left. Choose one and go to the ‘Sort results by’ – dropdown. Here select Gravity. The more Gravity a product has the best it sells.
Websites: clickbank.com, quora.com, reddit.com


The number one online retailer, Amazon offers affiliate marketing as well. They pay a few percentage after each product you sell. You can register for free and place banners or text on your website, or use your social networks to advertise your affiliate link, after which, you get commissions. This banners and links you will find on Amazon’s Affiliate website.
Website: affiliate-program.amazon.com

Individual affiliate programs

There are a bunch of affiliate programs run by different companies that pay you pretty comissions. Sometimes 6 or even 70%. One of the best is Shopify, they sell e-commerce website service, so people can build their own online store. They pay very good commissions if you find them a new customer. The good thing about it that it is a recurring commission so as long as the customer you bought to them pays, you get pay as well. You can advertise their services the same way as mentioned above, on blogs, social networks, or you can even make a Youtube video explaining how to use their services and just place your affiliate link in the description of the video. Then you have more like Envato (they sell stock images, website templates) and Bluehost or Sitegound, they sell web services.
Website: shopify.com, envato.com, siteground.com, bluehost.com


Udimi is an interesting concept. Solo ads. Meaning there are people on this site who will help you promote your product, services in return of a payment.
Website: udimi.com


Like mentioned in the intro this is a way to sell other people’s product. The way you can do this most effectively is to set up a free WordPress website using Woocommerce plugin (or you can use Shopify) and list a bunch of products you want to sell. Then advertise this website (se next point about ads) and when you get a sale, buy it on Aliexpress and let them ship it to your customer. So You will be the middle man. Aliexpress is shipping directly to your customer. You are just running the online store and collect the profit. You can also sell stuff from Ali (since its cheap in China) and sell it on Amazon or eBay. There is also a Aliexpress plugin for Wordress.
Website: aliexpress.com,

Advertisements on Social Networks

Once you have a blog or online shop. Nobody will find it :)
So you must do 2 things. First use tags that way Google Search will find your pages easier.  Second advertise it on social networks so even more people will find it. You will need as big exposure as you can get in order to sell lots of products.
There are free ways to advertise your site, like we mentioned above: using comments on other websites and directing the people to your page) or using Reddit or Quora or Linkedin. You can also pay for an advertisement on a social network so the providers will take care that your ad appears on people’s feed that are interested in a certain product you offer. You can use Facebook Ad, or Pinterest or Instagram or even Twitter and Snapchat to place an ad. That is a very effective way to get exposure.

Regarding tagging. Tags are words search engines, Google or Bing look for and index pages on the internet. Of course thay also look other things like description and basicall the content on your pages. If the content is longer, has a better quality then other site, they will place you higher on the ranking.

This is something called SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is very important to have your pages rank in the search engines. One of the best SEO plugin for WordPress is Yoast. Very helpful to use tags and format the site properly for the search engines. Yoast has a free version and a pro version as well.
Websites: yoast.com, facebook.com/business/ads, ads.pinterest.com, business.instagram.com/advertising, forbusiness.snapchat.com