How to put in a watermark on an image or on a video

Creating watermarks on images and on videos

In this kind of triple tutorial we show you how to put a watermark on an image and also on a video clip. (that is why it is a triple tutorial, three for the price of one!)
We illustrate it with the three most popular, industry standard applications:
Adobe Photoshop, which is widely used for professionals for image manipulation,  Lightroom, which is a basic app for photographers and Final Cut Pro X, which is used among video editors.

So let’s get into it.

Placing watermark on an image using Adobe Photoshop

Open Photoshop and your image. Put in some text then go to the Payer palette and on the text layer choose Rasterize Type from the drop down menu.

rasterising the layer in Photoshop


After that go to Filter menu and look for Emboss.This will add a bit of a 3D effect to your text.

applying the Emboss filter in Photoshop

Set the Height to around 3 pixels to have a nice edge around the text.

Emboss filter settings in Photoshop


Go back to the Layers palette and from the composition menu choose Hard Light. This will make the text transparent, but becouse of the Emboss effect applied on it, still visible.

Applying Hard light on a layer in Photoshop

Placing watermark on an image using Adobe Lightroom

In Lightroom applying the watermark takes another approach. Here we need to go to the Export menu where we will find the Watermark section.

Export image in Adobe Lightroom

Click on Edit Watermarks.

Edit Watermark in Adobe Lightroom


You can add your text here and make its size smaller or bigger. You can position the text how you want on the image and you can also apply drop shadow to it.

Edit Watermark in Adobe Lightroom

Once you are done click on Save where you can save this settings as a preset, so next time you can choose it from the dropdown menu.

Placing watermark on a video clip using Apple’s Final Cut Pro X

On video we can apply watermark pretty much the same as on the graphical programs.

Drop shadow in Final Cut Pro X

Drag a text over your video and modify its properties. Change the size, position etc. You can also add a drop shadow to the text.

Overlay in Final Cut Pro X

Once you are done from the composition menu choose Overlay (not Hard Light like in Photoshop).
This will make the text transparent but it will be visible both ona  white and a black background.

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