How to remove background from a video clip

Remove background from a clip with a click

With today’s AI technology things are getting easier for designers, editors. Few years ago it was almost impossible, or at least hell of a job to remove background from a video and cut around the subject perfectly. Not anymore.


We already have an article about the German company, Kaleido AI GmbH, who made a great app to remove backgrounds from photos. This article is pretty much the same, except that it is about video now.

Remove the background. Now.

Similar to the photo version this also works via their website or using a plugin for After Effects or Premiere. (Unfortunately we did not find plugin for Final Cut Pro X, which we prefer to use for video editing but oh well….)

After installing the plugin you will find it in the Plugins folder and it is as easy to remove background of the loaded clip as it is in Adobe Photoshop using photos. However the plugin does not work with the free version of Unscreen. You will need a Pro version to use it. But it is not expensive. Here are the prices.

If you use it via their website, all you need to do is upload the clip in basically every video format up to 2 GB and you can preview the result before you download the final version, with the backround removed.

With the free version you can process 15 minutes of video for a limited time. After that you must purchase the clip (2.99€) or just get a subscription for 9€ / month, which is a much better option.


To use the API you must be a bit technical oriented. Meaning knowing a bunch of stuff of scripting and all that. It seems it is still in beta though, so we dont waste any time explaining that right now, just keep an eye on this page for developments.

Here you can read about the Photoshop version.