How to remove Google Captcha from a WordPress website

If you are annoyed by the Google Captcha badge on your WordPress site this is how you can remove it.

When you install a Contact form on your WordPress site, it is handy to protect it against robots and spams using captcha, namely Google Captcha, which you can get it for free from here: google.com/recaptcha/

Once installed it will protect your contact form and check for suspicious activity (and when it finds it simple does not let the form to be sent). The only annoying thing is that it will always display a badge on the right bottom side of your website. I mean always.

This is how to remove it.

You can simple remove it by placing a short script in your WordPress CSS, not in the stylesheet but in the Additional CSS part.
Navigate to Appearance, then choose Customize. Here select the last menu that says Additional CSS.

And put this 3 lines of script into the field:

.grecaptcha-badge {
visibility: hidden;

That’s it. The annoying Google Captcha badge is now gone from your WordPress site. But be aware, once you have a new Worpress update, the script will be gone. So check out our other article about setting up a child theme for your WordPress blog, to prevent your changes to disappear after every update.