How to shoot tethered on a Mac with Lightroom using Canon DSLR camera

Shooting tethered to a Mac using your Canon camera

The following article explains how you can shoot tethered (meaning to a computer screen) using Adobe Lightroom on your Mac and a Canon DSLR camera.

The time of this writing (October 2019) the newest version of Adobe Lightroom is 7 using the Camera Raw plugin version 10. I am also using my Canon 6D full frame DSLR camera and of course a USB cable, which I have an extender on it, so I can go further away from the laptop.

Get a good USB cable

I advice to get this extensions (they strengthen the signal inside the cable so you can be further away from the computer.) You can not just simple connect two 3 meter USB cable together, its too long, it would not work, you need this little amplifiers built in the cable in order to produce good signal quality.They are very cheap, for example you can get this from Amazon.

Launch Adobe Lightroom

Just connect the cable to your Canon DSLR camera, turn it on, launch Adobe Lightroom and go to the File menu and start Tethered Capture.

Set destination for the photos

You will see a dialogue window next, where you can set the folder where you want to shoot the photos.Just choose any Destination you want on your harddrive.

You click ok and you will notice a new command-bar in Lightroom with this you can take a shot and see the settings which your camera uses.

Use live presets on the shots – if you want

You can also choose a preset on the right (Develop Settings) so when you take a shot this prreset will be applied immediately to the photo.

If you use this settings on a party for example, best to change the settings to shoot JPG, instead of RAW, so the file sizes are smaller and go through the USB cable quicker.

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