How to work with RAW video ⎜Black Magic Cinema Camera – Lightroom – MPEG Streamclip workflow

In the following article, rather, video, you can watch a short tutorial about a very professional workflow. To record RAW video with your camera (which is capable to do that), then process these images in Adobe Lightroom. Finally merge all these images into a video file using the free MPEG Streamclip tool.

What you will need to create the process is a camera, obviously :) Something that you can shoot RAW video with. For example a Black Magic Pocket Camera or a Black Magic Cinema Camera or some DSLR that can do that. These cameras are shooting individual frames DNG (Digital Negatives). Very big, raw files that can be easily modified later in Post production.
In our example we are using Adobe Lightroom for post production. The best software to work with RAW files, but you can use other programs as well (for example Capture ONE). Then just use the free MPEG Streamclip to merge all the files together into a clip.