LiveChat -online chat support for your website

There are customers waiting on your website

What better way to offer them help than through a quick chat on your website? It’s way faster than email and more efficient than phone. Don’t make your customers wait.

Live Chat Software

But what is LiveChat and why do I need to use it on my website?

If you have an online shop or a customer service, a support on your website. A simple contact form or displaying telephone number or even address is so 1995. Your clients want to contact you immediately when they are on your site. They want support right away. They came to get help and they dont want to call you on the phone.

How can your customers get support?

You probably guessed it, by chat. By installing LiveChat application on your site, customers will be able to contact you, chatting with you, or with one of your colleagues and find a solution to their problem or get an answer to their question.

LiveChat window

Create an account

Creating an account at LiveChat takes seconds. You fill out a three-step form, and that’s it. They even give you a free 14-day trial so you can test out the platform.

When you create an account you are automatically, logged in to the LiveChat app. In case you logged out or closed the browser here’s how to log in again:

  1. Go to LiveChat login page.
  2. Enter the email and password you used during account registration.
  3. Click on Sign in.

That’s it; you are in.

Visit LiveChat and start using it on your website.

Bring people on board

The sooner you add your teammates to LiveChat, the better. As it gives them a chance to learn the app with you. It’s also an excellent opportunity to talk to them about why you need LiveChat and how it can help them in their work.
You are the Owner, so you are in full control of the license. Your teammates can either be Admins or Agents. Agents answer chats, tickets, and see reports, but can’t change settings. Admins have all agent permissions, plus they have access to all settings.
Once you’ve invited your teammates, each one of you can play a bit with your profile settings. Sidenote: the Owner and Admin can change these settings for everyone.
Admins and the Owner can also change the chat limit. So how many chats an agent can take at a time. At first, even two chats might seem too many, but after a few days agents are able to handle 6 without breaking a sweat.

Configure and do a test run

If you want to try things out before going live you can either:

  • Send the chat link to your coworkers or your mum, dad, and granny so they can talk to you via chat. You will find your chat link in Settings → Channels → Chat link.
  • Add the chat widget to a test/staging version of your website.

Add the chat widget to your site and go live

Now that you’ve played around with the app it’s time to go live. Ready? Let’s get the chat widget up and running on your website. There are two ways:

Add a JavaScript code snippet to your site’s source code

If your website is custom built by a developer, you will need to add LiveChat code snippet to the source code of your website. If you are tech-savvy you can do it on your own, if not you will have to ask a developer to do it for you.

Add LiveChat to your website with integrations

Using Wordpress, Shopify, WIX? LiveChat integrates easily with almost a hundred CMSs and e-commerce platforms. All you need to do is either copy paste the code snippet or install a plugin. It takes just a few minutes and requires no technical skills. Each integration comes with a step-by-step tutorial that you can find in detials on LiveChat’s site.

Once you finished the installation, head to your website and check how LiveChat looks. It will feel pretty good after the work you’ve already done. Rember: once it’s installed on your website you can get chats right away.