remove.bg – a great software to remove background in a second with one click

If you want to remove a background from your photos you have now a very good solution for that. The software called remove.bg which is a free app and Photoshop plugin that will perfectly remove any background from your photos, in just about one second. 

Remove the background in one second

Indeed, does not take much more than that. How? With a sophisticated AI algorythm running in the background. You dont see much of it though, what you see is that by one mouse click the background disappears from your photo. And, this should be also noted: with a perfect result.

We have used other alternatives through the years, for example the well known plugin for Photoshop: Topaz Mask, but if we compare the result of Topaz and remove.bg, then the latest unquestionably wins the race. Remove.bg is just producing a much better result. Specially at areas which are very difficult to remove background, even manually, such as hair.

Drag ‘n drop

The free remove.bg software gives you the option to do one thing, and one thing only, that is to dragging and dropping a photo over the application. That’s it. The background will be removed in about a sec.

This software you can get from the company’s website both for Mac and PC, or even for Linux.  Of course to use them you will need to do a quick and free registration first.

Talking about plugins

The Photoshop plugin is great as well. Easy to use. If you have Photoshop and the nessessary Adobe Creative Cloud account to manage all your Adobe softwares, then you can download the plugin for free, which will integrate nicely into Photoshop.

After downloading it, it will pop up in the Creative Cloud app, where you can not really do much more with it there. It is just being listed there as ‘installed’. So you can quit that app after installing it and head over to Photoshop.

Start or restart Photoshop and you will find the remove.bg plugin under  Windows/Extensions menu, called Remove Background.

But before you can use it, you must connect it to the Remove.bg server via an API. To do this go back to their website and under your account look for this menu and click on SHOW, to reveal the API code, which you will be needing for the plugin. Copy this code.

Go back to Photoshop and paste the code here:

The plugin is now ready to use. Just get a photo and click Remove Background on the plugin’s palette. That’s about it. The background has been removed.


Forgot to mention at the beginning of this article, that all this you can also do on the website. Just head over to remove.bg where you can drag any photos on the page to remove its background. The app and the plugin just makes it more professional and easier to use.
The low resolution images are free to process however for high resolution images you must pay a small fee. And we are talking about cents here. For example 40 credits (meaning 40 photos to process) is only 0.23€ per image. That is like nothing. An Indian guy from Fiverr would ask more for that. And he could not process it in one second with such a perfection that remove.bg does.

By the way the German company of remove.bg, Kaleido is also working on some other interesting projects, such as a software to remove background from videos, called Unscreen. Check out their website for more details and you can also read our previous article about removing background manually just using Photoshop, where we also mentioned remove.bg.

Here is how to remove background from a video.